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Gallery Jiyugaoka is in a convenient location, only four minutes’ walk from Jiyugaoka station.

It has a glazed wall facing to a street, giving the space full of natural light; this gallery is ideal for a creation space open to sole and group exhibitions.

Art exhibition could feature all types of artworks ranging from paintings and sculptures to glass, ceramics, calligraphy and photographs. This space is also suitable for seminars and workshops.


Gallery Rental Information


1        Standard Rental Period          Seven consecutive days

2        Regular Gallery Hours          11:00 to 19:00 (11:00 to 18:00 on the closing day of your exhibition)

                                                         The above time is negotiable. 

3       Art Work Installation              Set-up: From 9:00 on the opening day of your exhibition

                                                         Pick-up: By 19:00 on the closing day of your exhibition

4        Rental Fees                            200,000 JPY (including tax) per Standard Rental Period

                                                         32,000 JPY (including tax) per day

  • Deposit:

        50 percent deposit required for booking


  • Final Payment:

        Final payment to be made prior to the opening day of your exhibition


  • Cancellation Penalty after Booking:

        With your prior notice of 3 months or earlier: Your deposit will be forfeited.

        Later cancellation for your reasons: The full rental fee will be charged.

        In case of cancellation due to our reasons: Your payment will be fully refunded.


5       How to Apply                         Fill out the application form and send it to us. Interview may be required in the booking process.

6       Exhibition Brochure               Renter has responsibility to prepare exhibition brochures.

                                                        We will provide map and logo data for free use.

                                                        Prepared brochures will also be displayed and distributed at the gallery.

                                                        Note that the number of brochures should include those distributed by Renter and at the gallery.

7      Terms of Use


  • Observance:

        Use of the premises is strictly limited to the purpose stated in the application. No sublease or assignment is allowed.


  • Responsibility:

         Renter has responsibility to provide reception and assistance for visitors, as well as to supervise and maintain (i.e., to lock-up and clean) the premises and exhibits. We are not liable for any damage or loss of exhibits caused by accident, theft, fire, or any other circumstances.


  • Restoration:

        Renter has responsibility to restore any damage and/or stain of walls and/or floors, as well as loss of equipment on the premises.


  • Prior Consent:

        Our prior consent is required before organizing food and drink, parties, and fundraising and donation activities.


  • Non-smoking:

       Smoking is not allowed on the premises.


  • Termination:

        We reserve the right to refuse the use of the premises if Renter breaches any of the above terms.



  • Please consult us beforehand if you have any requests regarding the use of the gallery.




How to Book Gallery


Booking Process Flow


Submit application via email, fax or post as instructed on the right side

Your application accepted

We contact you

Interview held

▼How to Book Gallery




Fill out the application form.

Email the completed form to



Print the application form.

Fill it out manually.

Fax the completed form to the following number.

Phone / Fax number:

(Please call us to check if your fax has been successfully transmitted.)



Print the application form.

Fill it out manually.

Submit the completed form by post to the following address.

 Zip code:





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